If you haven’t heard about the Nex Band, then watch this space, because this cutting-edge smart band is on a mission to change the way we interact with wearables.

First of all, the Nex Band is a trendy-looking number with a multicolor LED panel and 5 smart buttons. But, is it a fitness tracker or is it a notification band?? It’s actually both and a whole lot more..

The Nex Band offers the essential fitness tracking features – steps taken, distance walked, and calories torched. When you receive an incoming call, text, email, or app notification the Band (or should I say bracelet) vibrates and the multicolor LED can be customized to light up with different patterns for different callers, apps, etc.


The magic behind this next-gen smart band resides in the UI and the 5 smart “hack” buttons which allow you to easily program it to do just about anything; from triggering music and turning on lights to activating commands on your smart glasses or in a virtual reality game.

The Nex UI has been designed to be user-friendly, making it simple for anybody to program the commands..

nex band app ios android

Each of the 5 buttons can be set up for a hack to trigger different commands for apps, IoT and connected gizmos; but in addition the buttons can be programmed to let you know when your favorite team has just scored, or when you’re close to something of interest like a nice restaurant or when a friend is close by, and much more.

Another extremely cool Nex feature is the ability to program each of the 5 buttons (Mods) as controllers for your virtual instruments; making your wrist a tool for creating beats and loops.. Cool.. No more getting bored on the train, plane, hovercraft, or submarine..

wearables nex band beatbox

We spoke with Adam Adelman, the CEO and brains behind Nex about his ambitions for the upcoming wearable. He said: “Our goal has been to create a fashion-forward wearable device that enables the user to create their very own smart band. User feedback from our beta testing has shown us that everybody uses the band in a different way. The Nex Band is designed to adapt to each user’s personal lifestyle and provide a new level of customization.”

An official launch date is yet to announced, but Adam told us he hopes to see consumer-ready Bands rolling out early in 2017. You can sign up for more info at Thenexband.com