The reputation of wearable technology being chunky, clunky, burly gadgets for geeks is dwindling. A few years into the age of wearables devices are smaller, more stylish and designed to fit with fashion.

Smartwatches are getting better looking, and even fitness trackers are starting to fit with your night-time garb. The apex of attractive wearable tech is the smart jewelry division.

Smart jewelry accessories are fashionable and elegant, connected devices that are indistinguishable from traditional items of jewelry. In general they connect to a companion app to be controlled via your smartphone and provide lifestyle data and notifications to the wearer.

One of the connected fashion innovators that stands out is a U.S company called Bellabeat. Their new smart jewelry accessory, Bellabeat LEAF sold out within 48 hours, the first batch of 10,000 was followed by a second batch which has also sold out, so there’s no question about its popularity!

LEAF is a beautifully designed wearable dedicated to helping women achieve more awareness about their body, thus contributing to a healthier lifestyle. The primary goals of the Bellabeat LEAF are to inform you of stress patterns, movement, sleep, and reproductive health.



LEAF measures stress levels by monitoring the wearers breathing patterns when it’s clipped onto your tights or pants. The LEAF app learns about your stress patterns over time by cross-referencing breathing data with information you enter into the app.

When stress occurs, the speed of breathing increases and becomes shallow. When LEAF detects elevated stress levels it gently vibrates to remind you to calm down. Within the app you can find breathing exercises and tips on how to reduce stress. LEAF users are able to better identify which things in their lives elevate stress levels, raising more awareness of how and when to practice calming techniques.

Activity & Sleep Tracking

The Bellabeat LEAF smart jewelry accessory keeps tabs of your daily activities by tracking the number of steps taken and calories burned. Aswell as tracking your daily activities, LEAF also monitors your sleep by tracking movements you make while in bed. It learns how long you spend in each stage of sleep, and determines the length and quality of your sleep.


Reproductive Health

LEAF serves as an assistant to help monitor your menstrual cycle, reminding you in the days leading up to your next period. Women trying to conceive are able to identify ovulation days to increase their chances of adding a new member to the family. Maternal and affectionate technology is not a new area for Bellabeat, as their debut device “Shell” enables pregnant women to record, hear, and share their unborn baby’s heartbeat to family and friends, while also acting as a home baby monitor once the baby is born.

There’s no question that the Bellabeat LEAF is not just a pretty face, and offers more than the average activity tracker, for women anyway.

LEAF can be worn as either a necklace, bracelet or clip. It is crafted using American Ashwood and stainless steel. In celebration of its release, there’s also a special edition gold-plated version. At the moment the available accessories are a silver chain necklace and leather bracelet.


The LEAF smart jewelry accessory connects to its companion app via Bluetooth LE. The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

LEAF is equipped with a coin cell battery that lasts approximately 6 months, so it won’t add to your list of devices that need to be charged every few days. It isn’t water-resistant, but you can set the vibrating alarm to remind you take it off before getting under the shower.

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