Misfit and Swarovski announced that they had joined forces back in January 2015 to apply some charm to the unfashionable world of fitness trackers. The result of the partnership is the Swarovski Shine Collection which consists of the Slake double-wrap bracelet, the Cardoon bracelet and the Vio Pendant.

The Swarovski Shine is designed for women looking to keep an eye on activities and sleep quality without surrendering any style to the dull aesthetics of a typical fitness tracker. The crystal features a blinking display so you don’t need to open the app to check your stats, the display also functions as a clock – brighter blinks depict the hour hand, and softer blinks for the minute hand.

The fully faceted Swarovski crystal syncs wirelessly with your smartphone with a feature called Magic Sync and measures your daily steps, distance, calorie output and sleep quality. Like the popular Misfit Shine, you tap the crystal to see your activity progress and how close you are to achieving your daily fitness goals. Different activity types can also be tagged in the Misfit app so you can be more accurately awarded points for your efforts. Activities include: Running, walking, cycling, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, dancing and yoga.


What’s new with the Swarovski Shine..

The glittering fitness tracker now works with the Misfit Link app which basically makes for a smarter experience and means you can connect with more devices and do things like take selfies or control your music with your wearable.

Apart from its dazzling appearance, one of the best things about the Misfit Swarovski Shine is that it never needs to be charged. Instead it uses a replaceable coin cell battery which lasts for around 6 months. There’s also the fact that it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters and is safe to take in the pool, just in case you’re looking to use the bling to attract the attention of a buff lifeguard..

The Swarovski Shine Collection is now available from Misfit.com (U.S customers only).