Digitsole, Activity Tracking Heated Insoles

At the moment the wearable technology industry is dominated by wrist-worn fitness trackers and smartwatches, but destined to take over as the leading wearables category is Smart Clothing. Footwear could be considered as part of the clothing division and insoles part of the footwear division, that’s why we’re including Digitsole with our smart clothes.

Originating in France from a company called Glagla, Digitsole is a smart connected insole that can be controlled with a smartphone. The brains behind Digitsole came up with the idea when his toes were on the threshold of falling off due to some icy weather conditions in a French forest.

So, it’s pretty obvious that one of the objectives of the interactive insole is to warm up your feet, but it also keeps tabs on your daily activities. Digitsole will track steps taken, calories burned and altitude.


It’s about time humankind had access to technology that can bring heat to the feet, and controlling it from within a smartphone app makes it seriously cool, or should I say hot! Either way I will be investing in a pair for my next hiking trip around Ben Nevis!

The versatile built-in thermostat give Digitsole a maximum heating temperature of 122°F. It’s water-resistant, has a battery life of six to nine hours depending on usage, and takes around 3 hours to charge via USB.

Digitsole connects to a companion app via Bluetooth 4.0, and is compatible with iOS (iPhone Iphone 4S or superior) and Android 4.4 or above.

If you’re planning any fishing, hiking, or any other outdoor trips around your Christmas holidays, you may be glad to know that Digitsole is planning an October release in the U.S and Canada.

A pair of these activity tracking heated insoles will set you back $199.

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