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Gemio is a High-Tech Bracelet For Teens

Seattle-based tech startup Gemio are bringing friendship bracelets up to date by adding them to the domain of wearable technology.

Friendship bracelets are traditionally a symbol of trust, as well as being trendy accessories to add some color to your wrist. Designed mainly for teens aged 13 – 18 the Gemio smart bracelet offers millions of color combinations and social interaction.

Gemio is a self-expression smart jewelry accessory that encourages creativity and enables teenaged girls to personalize their look from a smartphone app with a digital palette of enough colors to last a lifetime. Along with colors, Gemio displays patterns and symbols.


The light displays are highly customizable from within the Gemio Design Studio app which lets you create combinations and animations then bring them to life. Just in case this glittering wearable isn’t customizable enough, the gemstones are detachable so they can be easily swapped.


Another feature that will no doubt draw much attention is an onboard color sensor that allows you to point the bracelet at the clothes you’re wearing, it then changes color to match your outfit.

Gemio is more than just a bling bracelet, it also interacts between friends..

Gemio will alert users when their friends are within 100 feet of them with flashing patterns and vibrations. The friend alerts can be customized to display different patterns and colors depending on who it’s interacting with. If you’re together with a group of friends all wearing Gemio, the bracelets can sync and play matching patterns.


Gemio also features gesture recognition so teens can control the light shows by assigning a range of actions such as waving, handshakes, high-fives or some obscure twist of the wrist. If you want to be discrete, the light shows can also be turned off and the bracelet will communicate with vibrations only.

The MyGemio app acts as a playful social network where teens can express their personal designs. They can also send messages to friends and customize colors and patterns to represent different meanings which can used to communicate – kind of like creating a language between users – perfect for teens in the twenty-tens as secret code between friends is all the rage.


Currently, Gemio is compatible with iOS, but Android support is set to arrive later in the year.

The retail price is expected to start at $69. Gemio will be taking pre-orders from late November. Hopefully they will be shipping before Santa arrives as I have a 13-year-old niece who can’t wait to show one off to her friends..

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  1. Elli November 10, 2015 at 1:19 am - Reply

    Want one!

  2. Annabella January 14, 2017 at 3:58 am - Reply

    So cool! If I had one I would finally be one electronic step ahead!!!!!

    • Richard Borg
      Urban1 January 14, 2017 at 1:32 pm - Reply

      lol.. There’s an interesting thought 🙂

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