The smart jewelry sector is on the up and it’s just got more interesting as wearable technology startup, Miragii have launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new smart accessory.

First seen at CES 2015, the Miragii pendant necklace is possibly the most innovative device to arrive on the smart jewelry scene, and as luxury jewelry designers are onboard with the design, it’s also pretty fine-looking.

The Miragii Smart Necklace is like other wearables in the sense that it uses Bluetooth to pair with a smartphone, and it vibrates to alert you of an incoming message, but what Miragii does differently is project texts and calls onto the palm of your hand.

The ability to read messages just by holding your hand in front of the pendant means it will just take a second to see who’s getting in touch without the need to reach for your smartphone. Furthermore, Miragii recognizes gestures, so if your incoming notification doesn’t warrant your immediate attention, a wave of the hand will dismiss it for later.


Cleverly concealed inside the pendant is a Bluetooth earpiece, so if you decide to take a call, simply slip the earpiece out and pop into your ear. The detachable earpiece enables you to listen to music from your smartphone.

The Bluetooth earpiece is embedded into the backside of the pendant. If you decide to take the call, simply pull out the earpiece and place it in your ear and you can start talking. You can also use the Bluetooth earpiece to listen to music from your smartphone.

The earpiece will apparently provide 1 hour of talk time before it needs a charge, and can be recharged by the necklace itself, which has a standby life of 3 days.

Miragii is compatible with iOS (iPhone 4S and above), and Android 4.4 and above.


In the realm of smart jewelry, the element of fashion is at least equal to that of technology. There are a few versions of the Miragii necklace, one is made of Zirconia ceramic, a durable, lightweight and allergy-free material. Other versions come with Lorenzo necklaces custom designed for Miragii, these necklaces include 925 silver and 18k gold.


Miragii smart jewelry has 20 more days run on Kickstarter. Heading over there and backing the project will get you some substantial discounts on the expected retail prices. Miragii plan to start shipping their new chic accessory in December 2015.