Armill, the exclusive smart jewelry accessory is a creation of the British Jewelry brand Christophe & Co, and the esteemed Italian design company Pininfarina.

Armill comes in the form of a deluxe bracelet, and stands out from other smart jewelry for several reasons.

The bracelet is crafted out of very high quality materials, it has an interior carbon fiber frame and an exterior of ceramics, 18K gold and the worlds most expensive gemstones. Those wealthy enough to purchase the luxurious bracelet will be able to customise it with engravings and a choice of which precious stones they would prefer.

The Armill smart bracelet is from here to the Moon and by far, the most expensive smart jewelry accessory in the world! There is a cheap edition though, that will only cost you $75,000 (£49,875)! Then there is the medium edition at $93,000 (£61,845), and the top edition which is $149,000 (£99,085), that’s the one I’m gonna get!


So, with a price tag which could by you a small house, or a big car, you would expect a pretty hi-tech gadget! Well the Armill bracelet isn’t bringing to the table the type of hi-tech you may expect. It won’t track your steps, distance, speed, calories, sleep or even tell you the time, but I suppose if you could afford to spend 100k on a bracelet, you could also afford to not give a damn what the time is!

With the world’s most expensive wearable tech you will get access to the Christophe & Co companion app which gives you one touch communication to your Christophe & Co 24 hour personal assistant, to alert them that you need, well, just about any kind of assistance. It will also give you automated access to Christophe & Co exclusive events, plus rare and exclusive products.

The Armill smart bracelet is basically a one-touch wearable tech device for the very rich, but where’s the tech? Well it connects to its companion app via Bluetooth, the same as most wearables, but the distinction lies in how the device is charged.


Armill uses kinetic energy generated by the movement of your body to charge itself, this isn’t a feature that’s unique to the Armill, but at the same time not many consumer wearables are using it, yet. According to the makers, with regular use the Armill bracelet will never need to be manually charged.

Another bonus other than the self charging system, is that the module inside the bracelet is future proof as it can be removed and updated, a necessary feature for a 100k bracelet I think.

So, forget about the dream holiday, the 35 ft yacht, or the new BMW! Instead grab yourself the worlds most expensive wearable, especially if you wear a dressing gown like Hugh Hefner’s!