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KEEPTIGHT Womens Activewear Brings High-Tech Fabric to Your Workouts

KEEPTIGHT womens activewear is made in the USA and aims to help you achieve your fitness goals with maximum comfort and flexibility.

U.S-based KEEPTIGHT are live on Kickstarter with SHATTER, their latest range of women’s activewear. The SHATTER range gets its name from the concept of shattering fitness goals, limits, preconceptions, and anything else that could do with a good shattering. Plus, the color patterns on the fabric resemble shattered glass.

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KEEPTIGHT’s fabrics incorporate high-tech features to provide a high range-of-movement, comfort, flexibility, durability and support during workouts.

KEEPTIGHT’s ULTRASEAM technology removes the elements of chafing and binding as well as rips and tears, so you can bend and grind in those curious positions without worrying about an unexpected appearance from what lies underneath. KEEPTIGHT claim their gear offers twice the stretch capability the average activewear.

KEEPTIGHT’s AURA technology is designed to keep you fresh and odor-free by somehow annihilating bacteria upon contact.

KEEPTIGHT’s SHIMMER and COOLPASS tech is designed to keep you cool and dry by absorbing and dispersing sweat into special channels that run through the threads before evaporating.

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You can head over to Kickstarter and pre-order the SHATTER activewear with early bird prices ranging from $35 to $55 USD. The SHATTER collection carries a variety of silhouettes in sleek styles including leggings, shorts and tank tops.

The expected shipping date for Kickstarter backers is May 2017.



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