Torq Labs K-Tech Performance Leggings are designed to help athletes prevent knee and hip injuries..

While many people think wearable tech is limited to high-end wristwatches, clunky chest straps or futuristic picture taking sunglasses, the K-tech Performance Leggings by Torq Labs brings wearable technology to the lower body for the everyday competitor to the high performance athlete.

Torq Labs K-Tech Performance Leggings uses lightweight, low power sensors that insert into a custom designed spandex legging. The sensors coupled with a wicked backend comprise a functional lower body monitoring system to identify hazardous gait cycle and movement asymmetries for injury awareness and prevention.

“Great. So what? I can’t analyze all this data.”

Not to worry, Torq Labs proprietary Movement Mapping Technology assists users with preventing knee and hip injuries by monitoring the health of their movement patterns. The backend algorithm coupled with a machine learning provides users immediate solutions for what can be done to recover, strengthen, and improve.

Torq Labs performance leggings wearable technology

Before now lower body monitoring & gait analysis was expensive, required sensors being taped to the body with long cables connecting to computers, and running on an indoor stationary treadmill. Torq Labs has leveraged nuanced technological capabilities to shift conventional scientific paradigms.

The custom Bluetooth signaling process allows the K-tech Performance Leggings to conduct the same level of data collection and analysis done in research facilities, but now it can be done in the environment in which athletes alike practice and play. Instead of the athlete going to the laboratory, Torq brings the laboratory to the athlete.

Torq Labs was featured as a Top 25 emerging company in sports science at the 2017 Football Tech & Performance Summit.

Currently Torq is expanding it’s reach in European markets as they have been accepted into the Founders Program at the world’s largest startup campus, Station F, in Paris France.

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