We first covered the Gemio smart friendship bracelet in October. The Seattle-based startup behind Gemio said they would be taking orders by late November and they’ve lived up to it as you can pre-order the high-tech bracelet with a special discount.

The pre-order discount prices that start at $80 are running for a limited time. It’s a first come first serve basis, so if you don’t want to miss out on the first batch then jog over to gogemio.com The first batch has an esimated shipping date of spring 2016

On Gemio’s order detail page they say “Decide you’d like a different Gemset design than the one you ordered? Or even (sniff) that you don’t want Gemio at all? Just contact us and we’ll change your order or issue a refund ASAP.”

Gemio is high-tech connected friendship bracelet designed mainly for teenage girls aged 13 – 18. It has 20 embedded RGB LED’s which offer millions of color combinations. There is also a vibration motor for silent alerts and Bluetooth connectivity for communication to smart devices and other Gemio bracelets.

The LED light displays can be customized with Gemio Design Studio app which lets you create combinations and animated patterns and then bring them to life. To make the bracelet even more versatile, the gemstones can be detached and swapped with others.

gemio smart bracelet design studio app

Another great feature involves an onboard color sensor that allows you to point the bracelet at the clothes you’re wearing, it then changes color to match your outfit.

The Gemio smart bracelet is a social little wearable. It alerts users when friends are within 100 feet with animated patterns and vibrations. The friend alerts can be customized to display different patterns and colors depending on who is close by. Furthermore, if a group of friends are all wearing Gemio, the bracelets can sync and play matching patterns.

gemio smart jewelry ..

Gemio also features gesture recognition so teenagers can control the light shows by assigning a range of actions such as high-fives, waving, handshakes or other movements. In situations where discretion is advised, the light shows can be turned off and the bracelet will communicate with silent vibrations only.

The MyGemio app acts as a fun social platform where teens can express their personal designs. Messages can be sent to friends and colors and patterns can be customized to represent secret meanings.

Currently, Gemio is compatible with iOS with Android support on its way later.