Attractive new accessories are now available to give the Misfit Ray the look of a classy jewelry piece.

The new Lariat necklaces are designed to add versatility to your wardrobe and compliment the minimalist style of the Misfit Ray.

The necklaces are available in rose gold, silver, and gold stainless steel. They measure 20-inches and come with a modest price tag of $29.99.

With the Lariat necklaces you can wear your Misfit Ray as a drop pendant – connected at a single end; or as a horizontal bar – connected at both ends. Furthermore, you can swiftly change between the two styles thanks to Misfit’s quick-release and bar-in-loop closure system.

The Misfit Ray became available in Spring 2016. It pairs with one of the most user-friendly activity traccking apps around and its smart button works with the IFTTT intergrated Misfit Link app so you can cook up recipes to control IoT gadgets such as smart lights and locks.

The Misfit Ray is a sweet little wearable that keeps tabs on smartphone notifications and fitness goals by way of multi-color LEDs and vibration alerts. It uses a coin cell battery that lasts for around 6 months – no charging required.

The Misfit App is compatible with iOS 7 + / Android 4.3 + / Windows 8.1 +. The Misfit Link app is compatible iOS 8.0 + / Android 4.3 + / Windows 10 +.

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