Smart jewelry has been on the fringe of the wearable tech sector for a few years, but 2016 could be the year that it moves into the spotlight. Pioneering startups have been endeavouring to overcome the difficult task of merging the connected functions of mobile gadgets with the level of style akin to traditional jewelry accessories.

Working with jewelry pieces means a limited amount of space to house the technology needed to create a viable product, a dilemma that has lead to some early attempts being obtrusive and unkind to the eye, and others never making it out of the beta stage.


One of the first companies to create a smart jewelry accessory that meets the requirements of a fashionable, consumer-ready wearable device is Chicago-based Mira.

The Mira wellness bracelet is designed for women who like to keep tabs on activities without giving up wrist space to a dull-looking, regular fitness tracker. With a strong emphasis on aesthetics and inspired by the elite fashion scene, Mira is designed to be worn on a night out, in the gym, office and everywhere in between.

Mira is styled as a bracelet, but it is actually a modular device. If you choose not to wear it as a bracelet it can be easily removed and clipped onto clothing instead, or simply slipped into your pocket.


The bracelet is made from surgical-grade stainless steel and is available in five colors: Heart of Gold, Hot Chocolate, Polished Jetsetter (Black), Satin Rose and Polished Rose. The color of the tracking module is Espresso. The combined weight of the bracelet and module is around 30 grams depending on the bracelet size: petite, small or medium.

Mira is essentially a fitness tracker in disguise. It keeps tabs on your steps taken, calories burned, distance covered and changes in elevation. As well as logging your stats, Mira gets to know you over time. It learns what time of day your energy levels are their highest, and the daily amount of activity time suits you the best.

Mira stores up to 30 days of activity data and has a touch and tap 128 × 36 OLED display so you can check your daily progress without opening the companion app. Under the hood is a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and altimeter.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts around 5 days – charged via a USB charging stand. Mira is splash-resistant, but it’s not recommended for swimming.

The Mira companion app is compatible with iOS and Android. Prices range from $169 for the bracelet and Opal (module).

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