Wearable technology and lucid dreaming; two things you wouldn’t normally hear in the same sentence. Unless, you were on the team of Arenar, the Amsterdam-based startup behind the iBand+.

The iBand+ wearable is all about sleep, but instead of the average sleep tracking package offered by many other wearables, the iBand+ aims to induce sleep and lucid dreaming.

Included in the iBand+ package is a set of pillow speakers and a headband with sensors to track movement, heart rate and body temperature.

What makes the iBand+ stand out from the sleep tracking masses is the headband’s RGB LEDs for stimulating sleep and its electroencephalogram EEG dry electrodes for sensing brain waves. EEG is a test used to measure electrical pulses transmitted between neurons.

The iBand+ monitors your sleep phases with the biometric sensors: movement, heart rate and body temperature; combined with the EEG sensor and recognizes when you’re in the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase. REM is the deepest kind of sleep and usually when the most vivid dreams occur.


When the iBand+ recognizes the REM phase, the pillow speakers and LEDs get to work with dream inducing sounds and light patterns with the aim of helping you to have lucid dreams.

What are lucid dreams? Basically, it’s when you become aware that you’re dreaming. According to veteran lucid dreamers, it allows you to take control of your dreams and do just about anything while exploring the etheric plane.

Apart from being the ultimate virtual reality trip, benefits of lucid dreaming can have positive impacts on your physical life, such as helping you to overcome phobias and anxiety; tapping into a higher source of creativity, solving technical problems, and infinitely more.

The art of lucid dreaming needs a lot of practice and can take years to master. The makers of the iBand+ wearable are aiming to get you there quicker.

In addition to helping you master your dreams, the iBand+ wants you to wake up feeling fresh. It features a smart alarm which wakes you up with a combination of gentle audio and simulated Sun light.

The thing is though; sometimes after a really intense dream I wake up feeling knackered, especially the scary ones. My nightmares normally involve flesh eaters of some kind: A brutal radioactive hog, a purple shapeshifting school teacher insect beast, and a pack of friggin evil dogmen all spring to mind. After spending the night escaping these unhinged creatures I’ve woken up feeling friggin relieved, but not refreshed.

Maybe if I learned how to lucid dream, or was wearing the iBand+ I could have quickly put an end to these abominable creature’s reign of terror by way of exploding cheeseburgers; then I could set gravity to low and get on with some bouncing around like John Carter on Mars.

The iBand+ has obviously struck a chord with the Kickstarter community. So far it’s raised €72,833, surpassing its goal of €50,000 with 30 days still left to go. Of course it isn’t the first dream-enhancing wearable to hit Kickstarter; the Aurora Dreamband by iWinks also reached its funding goal a few years back, although it still hasn’t started shipping yet.

The iBand’s recommended retail price is €279. Early bird prices with a 50% discount are still available over at Kickstarter (at the time of writing). The estimated shipping date is July 2017.


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