Wearable tech devices are in abundance, and it may already seem like a saturated market. But, the reality is that we are still at the dawn of the age of wearables! There’s certainly no shortage of smart bands for fitness, and smartwatches, but they are essentially one type of wearable; i.e “wrist worn”.

The potential of wearable tech spans way beyond the wrist, and a grand portion of that potential lies with Smart Clothes. we’ve already seen some big players move in on the scene, such as Ralph Lauren with their Polo Tech Smart Shirt, Lenovo with their Smart Shoes, and some lesser known brands like the Sensoria socks, and the GoGlove Smart Gloves.

What lies ahead in the future for connected clothing is pretty much anything that your imagination can conjure up, but right now much of the focus is driven towards measuring biometrics in a new era of fitness.

Athos is a California-based company aiming to bring new levels of performance to everyday fitness goers by equipping them with technology that has previously been reserved for elite athletes. Born out of the principle “We can all go beyond what we thought was possible with the right tools!” Athos believe their smart clothing solution will fine tune your workouts. We could say this is the digital alternative to a personal trainer, but without the shouting.


The Athos smart clothing package consists of a pair of high-quality compression shorts, a compression shirt, and the Core technology unit. Embedded into the textiles are a total of 20 Electromyography (EMG) sensors, 8 in the shorts, and 12 in the shirt. There’s also 6 heart rate sensors, and 2 breathing sensors.

With so many biometric sensors you can expect plenty of stats, including peak heart rate, average heart rate, breathing rate, calories burned, active vs rest time, muscle exertion, muscle utilization, exercise form, and Balance.

The Athos Core is the brains behind the sensors. It collects and analyzes all of your fitness data and then sends it via Bluetooth to the companion app on your smartphone.

There’s a feature called Live View which enables you to view your stats on your mobile device in real-time. It shows you which muscles are working, and if they in the correct sequence. Athos in-depth analysis will improve your performance, resulting in faster results for all your hard work. This smart real-time form correction also helps to prevent injury.

Athos smart clothes are designed for comfort and durability aswell as intelligence, with flat seam construction for low friction, 4-way stretch UPF 50 treatment to protect against UV radiation, breathable sweat-wicking material to keep you cool and dry, and they’re machine washable.

Athos wearables cost $199 for the Core, and the shirt and shorts are on special offer for $99 each until July 1st, after which it will be $199 for the shirt, and $149 for the shorts.

 Athos is now available