At the Lenovo Tech World event in Beijing a few days ago, wearable technology took to the stage along with some other gizmos in the making. Along with the Lenovo Magic View smartwatch, the Chinese company also unveiled their prototype smart footwear.

The Lenovo smart shoes have embedded sensors that can track fitness data and monitor heart rate. The smart shoes are part of Lenovo’s upcoming range of devices designed with the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) in mind.

Embedded into the shoes are screens which display your fitness and activity data. There also seems to be quite a lot of focus on displaying the wearers mood on the screen with smiley faces, hearts and the likes, which is an interesting concept if you imagine people walking around looking at each others shoes to see if they’re in a good mood or not!

The screens on the smart shoes can also display directions, which may lead to an increased number of bumped heads on lamp posts!

“The smart shoes concept fits into Lenovo’s IoT cloud strategy to build an ecosystem including open SDK platform, innovation incubator with professionals from different areas, smart devices, supply chains and powerful backend cloud infrastructure.”

The Lenovo IoT connected smart footwear maybe still in the prototype stage, but we like what we’re seeing, and the aspirations of the company to get connected and take wearables to a new a level is clear-cut!