Sensoria smart socks are made with quality materials, and are infused with textile pressure sensors. The main purpose of Sensoria is to analyse and improve your running form, in turn reducing the risk of injury. They also track speed, steps, distance, calories and cadence.

The smart socks pair with your iOS or Android smartphone. From within the Sensoria app you can get real-time stats about your foot landing technique with a visual foot heat map.


Each year, over 65% of runners sustain injury! In-depth monitoring of your running technique will help improve the position which your feet strike the ground. This reduces the risk of knee injuries, lower leg shin splints, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, Hamstring injuries, and other injuries you may suffer. The in-depth analysis will also help to better align the hips, reducing the chance of injury to the hips and back.

In short, running can be pretty dangerous! If you don’t do properly, you can suffer the consequences. I used to run everyday on a beach where I lived in Spain, my advice – DO NOT RUN ON THE BEACH! The slight decline of the beach surface is basically the equivalent of having one leg longer than the other, the result was that I sprained my iliotibial ligament and it took over a year to heal completely!

The Sensoria smart socks connect to a lightweight adjustable anklet that syncs the socks to the Sensoria mobile app. From within the app you can monitor your foot striking position, speed, steps, distance, calories, cadence and more. Along with visual data, you also have the option to use the metronome feature, and receive voice feedback to keep you running at a consistent pace.


The Sensoria smart socks are available to buy now. $199 will get you the full package which includes 2 pairs of socks and the anklet sensor. An extra pair of socks costs $49.