The latest update means the Samsung Gear S2 now has many of the features of the Gear S3.

Yesterday, Samsung announced their latest Gear S2 value pack which will equip the smartwatch with some of the features offered by its younger, chunkier sibling.

The update was launched in leading markets yesterday (December 5th) with worldwide availability following in the coming weeks.

The update will provide greater convenience and more customization options to Gear S2 users. More downloads will be available from the Galaxy Apps store, such as Gear S3 watchfaces, the Reminders app, and the Alti-Barometer which can make outdoor activity tracking more interesting with air pressure measurements.


The Gear S2’s rotating bezel is also getting smarter. It enables you to accept or reject incoming calls, and dismiss and postpone alarms, timers and alerts for upcoming events.

A new Handwriting mode for the Messaging app means no more waiting for the individual letters to be converted into text. If you prefer a hands-free approach to sending messages, the updated voice-input option allows you send dictated texts and voice recordings.

S Voice on board the Gear S2 has also been tuned up. Now, when you activate it and start talking, the command is processed in real-time; reducing unnecessary feedback screens, plus offering faster access to information.

S Health is now smarter and automatically detects more activities, including running, walking, cycling, elliptical, rowing-machine, and more.

Rep counting is also coming with the Gear S2 update; so you can keep track of lunges, squats, crunches, star jumps, and more. Auto Pause is also landing on the S2, which means it will automatically suspend and resume tracking your sessions.

The new Pace Coaching feature allows you to set your pace goals and helps keep you on target by way of voice cues.


The Gear S2’s update incorporates wider support for third-party widgets from popular apps like Uber, Yelp, and allows others to be streamlined. Other notable additions include the S Health fitness-focused Challenge and Leaderboard widgets. Plus, an improved Weather widget.

SOS alerts have become a sought after feature with wearable tech. Using the Gear S2 and the streamlined safety function, you can now activate an SOS alert to your contacts by pressing the Home button three times. Contacts who are set up to receive the alerts will be able to pinpoint, via the Glympse app, the exact location of the Gear S2.


Lastly, the Gear S2 update offers users access to the Galaxy Apps store’s ecosystem of games which has over 100 titles, including Stack and Monster Vampire.


The Samsung Gear S3 has additional sensors, GPS, and bigger battery; but if you can do without these extras and are weary about how the mammoth smartwatch may look on your wrist; then don’t overlook its older and better-looking sibling, the Gear S2.

Source / Samsung