The world’s most advanced marine smartwatch, the Garmin quatix 3 is now available for $599.99 USD.

The modern yachty is likely to be well kitted out with marine equipment, but if you’re out on deck and away from your gear, the quatix 3 can keep you connected by receiving streamed data from NMEA 2000 compatible devices, such as weather reports, tide data, speed and depth.

The new GPS/GLONASS watch includes some handy features for offshore racing. It can log your course in real-time and mark checkpoints, starting line, finish line and other points of interest. It has a feature called Virtual Starting Line which allows you mark the line between two waypoints and combines with a countdown timer to help you get a good start. Once you’re under way the Tack Assist mode provides data on whether you’re being headed or lifted based on the ideal tack angle.

In the worst case scenario of a member of crew going overboard, the quatix 3 has an MOB feature that allows you to rapidly record the location so you can navigate back to the spot.

Drifting under anchor can lead to some dangerous situations, especially if there are rocks nearby. The Garmin quatix 3 takes this into account with its Anchor Alarm which warns you of drift by using its GPS. Speaking of anchors, the mega marine watch also lets you know how much chain needs to be put out with its Anchor Rode Calculator.

garmin-quatix-3-marine watch for sailing and fishing

Getting smashed at the end of the race is all part of the fun (I know because I’ve done plenty of JOG races). I’m sure not many sailors forget where their mooring is, but just in case, the quatix 3 can help you find it.

If the wind dies and you fancy doing a spot of fishing, you’ll be happy to know the watch has a solar/lunar calendar to help you choose the best time to fish, and a location marker so you can find your way to the spot where you caught your last Conger. A Catch Log and competition timer are also included for inland fishing.

The buck doesn’t stop with sailing and fishing! The new wearable for the water features advanced tracking modes for rowing, paddleboarding and swimming. It’s also smart on dryland, with modes for running, hiking, cycling, golf, skiing, activity tracking and sleep monitoring. It will deliver smart notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails and social media apps. I almost forgot music control.

The high-end marine watch is a reworking of the Fenix 3. It features a 218 x 218 color display with a Sapphire crystal lens. For connectivity it uses Bluetooth 4.0, wi-fi and ANT+ for pairing with other devices.

The quatix 3 is compatible with Garmin Connect IQ so plenty of customized watch-faces, widgets, apps and more can be easily downloaded.

 Garmin Quatix 3