You are enamored by the precision, quality and style offered by your classic timepiece and simply wouldn’t even contemplate ending your relationship with it in exchange for some tin can smartwatch built by a tech company such as Samsung, Sony and the likes.

But, at the same time, you’re tempted by the modern features brought about by connected wearables, such as fitness tracking, music control, and smartphone notifications.

The solution is Chronos, a coin-sized device that brings your classic watch up to speed with the age of wearable technology.

Chronos fits pretty much any watch size, but fits best with watches that are 31 mm and above in diameter. It uses a micro-suction non-adhesive rubber to fix to the back of your watch and adds just 3 mm to the overall thickness. Also, it has been specially built without any magnets or components that could interfere with or damage your watch’s precision movement.

The materials used in Chronos’ construction are 316L stainless steel and polycarbonate. Hiding inside is an accelerometer, a vibration motor for haptic feedback, multi-color LEDs, and Bluetooth 4.0.


Fitness Tracking

After attaching Chronos, your luxury Swiss watch, or any other watch will be equipped with activity tracking. It will allow you to set daily fitness goals and measure your steps, calories and more which can then synced with some of the best fitness apps.


Chronos vibrates and its LEDs light up when an incoming call or message arrives. There are plenty of notification customization options, so you can set VIP callers and custom vibration and light patterns depending on who’s getting in touch. The vibration feature can also be used as a silent alarm for appointment reminders or whatever else you do.

Silence Phone Calls

If you’re in the middle of something where interruptions would be non-preferable, you can use your watch + Chronos to silence incoming calls on your smartphone.

Remote Control

Chronos allows you to control your smartphone’s music playlist and camera straight from your wrist.

Phone Finder

A feature that comes with most wearbables and comes in handy for space cadets like me is the Phone Finder. The annoying practice of misplacing smartphones can be alleviated.

Chronos has an IP67 water-resistance rating, which means is will survive if you get caught in the rain. It has a 2 day battery life and comes with a wireless charger that doesn’t require you to unattach it from your watch to juice up.

You can pre-order the watch-modifying wearable now for $99.99 USD over at with a shipping date in early November 2016.





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