Last month, Suunto announced the Spartan Ultra, a new high-end GPS watch for multi-sport adventurers and the successor to the Ambit 3.

Today, Suunto expanded on the news by announcing the Spartan Sport. The sleek new wearable has a low-profile design so Triathletes don’t lose valuable seconds by getting their wetsuits stuck on the watch during the transition from swim to bike.

As you’d expect from a high-end Suunto watch, especially with the word “Sport” in the title, the Spartan is built to last. It also looks pretty damn sharp…

The Spartan Sport shares the same color touchscreen display, engine, and software as the regular Spartan Ultra announced last month.

It’s mainly geared up for running, cycling, swimming and triathlon, but 80 preloaded sports modes allow you to set up to track plenty more activities, such as hiking, ski touring, interval running, obstacle racing; and indoor modes such as treadmill running.

Using Suunto’s GPS FusedSpeed and built-in accelerometer, the multi-sport watch tracks your speed, pace, distance and altitude. Cyclists and runners can pair the Spartan with power and bike sensors for cadence measurements and other metrics, and swimmers can track their heart rate in the water, as well as strokes, distance and more.

The Suunto Movescount platform enables you to find the best places to train, with heatmaps generated by Movescount users while training in their local spots. 15 plus sports are included in the heatmaps, such as hiking, running, biking, open water swimming, surfing and skiing.


Battery Life

The Suunto Spartan Sport provides a battery life of 10 hours with Full Power 1 second GPS fix rate; and 16 hours with Power Save 1 second GPS fix rate. In Time mode, the battery will last up to 10 days.

Release Date

The Suunto Spartan Sport will be available either with or without a heart rate monitor. It will be shipping in September 2016 with a price tag of $549 ($599 for the heart rate version).

 Now Available



There are many more features onboard the Spartan Sport that aren’t covered here, but with 80 sports modes, maps and the rest of the works, my keyboard will simply melt..