Nike have given their Nike+ Running app a major revamp, along with a new name, Nike+ Run Club. The upcoming release of a GPS-enabled Apple Watch 2 could be the main reason..

The updated Nike app brings a bundle of new features and improved stability. The new sporty features include: adaptable coaching plans that stay personal to your fitness routines and progress; greater sharing capabilities using #tags; and faster access to stats such as distance covered, workout duration and location. Despite Nike’s best efforts to make the app better, the revamp hasn’t gone down too well with many of its users, according to

A lot of focus regarding the update is pointing towards integration with the Apple Watch, which allows you to keep track of your heart rate and more from your wrist. The Apple Watch 2 with a built-in GPS is expected to be announced soon, maybe as soon as September 7th at an Apple media conference.

With the Apple CEO Tim Cook as a board member of Nike, and a seemingly tight buddyship between the two world dominating firms, a pending release of a GPS-enabled Apple Watch 2 might have been one of the major reasons for the Nike+ Running app update, although it doesn’t explain the new name. When it comes to the sport of running, the two companies have a collaborative history dating back to 2006 and the release of the Nike+iPod Sports Kit, a small device that slots into your Nike runners to track your distance and pace.

Using Nike+ Run Club with a GPS-equipped Apple Watch 2 would give you all the benefits of the app’s features and community, along with accurately tracking your location, routes, speed and the other delights that come with a wearable GPS, while leaving your smartphone at home.