There are dumb helmets, helmets, smart helmets, and really smart helmets. The latest head-gear from Livall being the latter.

Livall have returned to Indiegogo for another round of crowdfunding with a flexible goal of $50,000. the startup have already raised 100% of their latest goal with a month still to go. As this could be the smartest skid lid on the planet, it’s not surprising the Indiegogo community are snapping them up.

There are three version of the helmet: The BH81H for road cycling is the most feature packed. The MT1 is designed for mountain biking and comes with all the features of the BH81H apart from the heart rate monitor. The KS2 is designed for kids with the only tech onboard being warning lights.

As the BH81H road lid offers the full shebang, that’s the one we’re gonna rant about.


There’s no point in a helmet being smart if it isn’t also tough. Livall’s clever crash hat is constructed using EPS foam manufactured in the U.S and bonded with polycarbonate. Basically it’s durable and provides high-resistance to high-speed impact.

A total of 27 vents provide optimal air flow to the top of your nugget, thus reducing your chances of overheating, taking a tumble and being left for crows. There’s also a high-quality adjuster that makes sure the helmet finds a snug fit. Certifications from organizations such as ROHS, FCC and CE have been issued for smart lids.



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that listening to music using headphones or earbuds while cycling on the road is potentially hazardous.

The Livall smart cycling helmet could be the remedy. It allows you to continue using your second sense to hear traffic at the same time as enjoying your tunes. Built into the skid lid are two 0.5W stereo speakers so you can stream tracks from your smartphone over Bluetooth 4.0.


An on board a -39db microphone means the helmet can be used to make and take phone calls.


Communicating walkie-talkie style with other Livall users is made easy with the Livall Riding App and the push of a button.

Take Photos

If you mount your smartphone on the front of your bike you can trigger the camera with a simple press of a button on the smart helmet’s Bling controller and store them in the Livall Riding app.

SOS Alert

One of the most talked about functions in wearable tech recently; Livall’s SOS alert automatically detects the unfortunate occurrence of a bad fall off your bike and sends a message to your preset emergency contact who can also locate you via the message.

Warning Signals

A smart helmet just wouldn’t cut the spicy yellow sauce if it didn’t have high-visibility LEDs for tail lights and to signal when you’re turning left or right. This clever crash hat has you covered.

Heart Rate Monitor

Livall’s versatile nut defender uses a light sensor to monitor the blood flow in your forehead, which in turn gives you an insight about how your ticker is performing when you’re straining the crank; if you’re straining too hard and your blood pump is about to pop, the helmet will let you know via a voice alert.

Bling Controller

The Bling controller is mounted on your handlebars; on the inside of the grips for easy one-thumb control.


Battery Life

A 380mAh battery capacity provides up to 10 hours if you’re just using the warning lights, and 3 to 6 hours of full-use. It is charged via Micro-USB and takes around 3 hours to charge.


The smart helmet uses Bluetooth 4.0 to sync wirelessly with devices running iOS 7.0 + and Android 4.3 +.

Price and Release Date

The expected retail price of the BH81H will be $229 USD. A 52% discount is still available (at the time of writing) for special early birds over at Indiegogo. The estimated shipping date for Indiegogo backers is November 2016.





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