Apple smart glasses could be the boost that AR eyewear needs..

Augmented reality smart glasses were made known to the world a few years back when Google Glass landed in the mainstream news, albeit they landed on their *rse because of their secret filming capabilities.

It may have appeared that Google Glass had set the AR eyewear foundations, and smart glasses would work their way into society from there. But that didn’t happen. Despite being slow off the ground, there’s no doubt that connected eyewear will be a part of everyday future apparel, in sunny countries, anyway. And it seems like Apple agree, according to anonymous sources at Bloomberg.

“AR can be really great, and we have been and continue to invest a lot in this,” Cook said in a July 26 conference call with analysts. “We are high on AR for the long run. We think there are great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity.”

The Apple smart glasses could potentially, and probably will be an extension of the iPhone (Apple’s best-selling product), and use an augmented reality display.

Apple have a stronger influence than any other consumer technology company, by far. Just look at the Apple Watch and how it boosted the popularity and sales of smartwatches. If the Cupertino company released a pair of smart glasses, the same scenario would likely unfold, i.e., good news for AR glasses in general.

There’s not much chance of Apple releasing their smart specs into the public domain in the beta stage, with a rubbish battery life, overheating problems and a $1,500 price tag, like Google did with Google Glass. According to the Bloomberg reports, 2018 is the earliest we may get to see the Apple AR eyewear; and they will more than likely be ready for the shelves before we do.

Connected eyewear of sorts is catching quite a few headlines recently. Snapchat released their Spectacles a few days ago, only to see them sold out within hours. Another exciting subject is 360 video glasses. Check out the ORBI Prime which bring 3D video and photos with 4K resolution to a pair of cool sunglasses.