Smart glasses are grabbing plenty of press recently. A few days ago it was Snapchat and their augmented reality ambitions in the headlines, today it’s the turn of the slightly less trendy firm, Lenovo.

The product is called Lenovo New Glass C200 and will be on show at CES over the next week. It’s a long way from looking like a pair of designer shades, but the product is intended for commercial customers to use around the work place, so fashion appeal isn’t on the agenda.

The Lenovo New Glass C200 package consists of a monocular, augmented reality HMD and a pocket unit which plugs into your smartphone and syncs with the New Glass app. The system runs Linux OS and is equipped with a powerful CPU, LTE connectivity, motion sensors, and a HD camera.

2017 is shaping up to be a promising year for augmented reality, but machine learning and artificial intelligence are also creeping onto the scene. Lenovo New Glass has AI living on board. That doesn’t mean it’s going to take over your brain and send you back in time to destroy the Chosen One, but it does allow the Glass to automatically recognize objects. Although, not a great amount of objects; 20 so far according to Lenovo.

lenovo new glass c200 augmented reality

The AR and AI working in together will allow you to see information in your field of view and get instructions on how to repair, trouble shoot, etc, equipment recognized by the smart Glass.

Lenovo are also releasing a new software platform called NDB Titan which will enable developers of all skill levels to create augmented reality content.

The New Glass battery can provide up to 8 hours of use before needing a recharge, according to Lenovo. June 2017 is the time when New Glass is expected to hit mass production.

2016 was a big year for VR. Will 2017 belong to AR? Possibly the return of Google’s Project Aura, a.k.a. Google Glass 2?