Techmeisters is a Birmingham-based startup with their sights set on solving a common problem that cyclists have if they want to listen to music while on the road. Wearing headphones or earbuds when you’re riding around the streets is extremely dangerous for the obvious reason that one of your primary senses is being obstructed and you can’t hear the traffic that could potentially end your life at any moment.

Techmeisters think they might have the solution with Spex, their new smart glasses. Instead of completely covering or blocking the ear canal like typical headphones and earbuds, Spex uses Bone Conduction Technology (BCT) which transmits sound through bones in your skull to the inner ear. BCT has a proven track record as it is used in the Military and medical world.

The Spex glasses have two BCT pads located about half way along the Temples (arms). The pads rest against your head around the Temple area, allowing your beats to travel to the ear without blocking it so you should be able to hear what’s going on around you.

There are several BCT headphones already on the market, the best are probably made by . However, adding the technology along with other features to a pair of trendy sunglasses is a first from Techmeisters.


Spex aren’t all about music. They use Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to iOS and Android devices. When you receive an incoming call, Spex uses the BCT to tell you who’s calling. They have a built-in microphone and voice-control interface that allows you to accept or reject calls with your voice, they also have a Last Call Redial feature. Spex can be paired with two smartphones at the same time with Multipoint.

Another cool feature that Techmeisters have dubbed “Head Sensing” recognizes when you take the glasses off and stops music playback, then when you put them back on your music automatically starts where it left off.

Located on the top of the glasses are three buttons that enable you to turn them on or off, adjust volume levels and shuffle music tracks.

Spex also look pretty sharp. They have an adjustable nosepiece and high-quality interchangeable lenses with UV protection, plus the option to clip in prescription lenses.


Techmeisters claim their smartglasses have a battery life of 180 hours in Standby mode; up to 7 hours of Talk Time and 5 hours of music playback. They have a water-resistant rating of IPX5, so if you get caught in the rain they will live on.

You don’t have to be a cyclist to get involved with Spex. In fact they could be put to good use with a wide variety of activities where you need some hands free audio, such as running, climbing, horse riding, skateboarding or just going about your daily bustle.

Earlybird prices are still up grabs over at Kickstarter that will give you up to 50% discount off the £150 ($214 USD) retail price.

The estimated shipping date is April 2016.


UrbanWearables is not endorsing listening to music while riding on the road!! But, if you want hands-free call notifications when you’re pushing pedals, Bone Conducting Technology is safer than regular headphones and earbuds..