Google Glass was the wearable tech device that really caught the attention of the globe, and even if the project died today, it still makes it into the history books.

The BBC broadcasted a report today saying that the Google Glass Explorer Edition has been withdrawn, but that does not mean the project is dead, after all it was only an Explorer version which obviously means Google were EXPLORING!

Google maintain that their interest in smart glasses has not dwindled, and they will be back for round 2 when the time is right. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is going to be a part of our future, all of the big tech firms can see it, that’s why they’re all developing AR, VR and Holographic immersive products. As for Google Glass, the Exploration is over, it’s been a learning curve, and look out for round 2!

By the way, have you heard of Magic Leap? 🙂

Check out the article at the Guardian by clicking the link below where they go into more detail about the news of Google Glass being withdrawn!

Google is to stop producing its wearable technology Google Glass in its present form, but is still committed to the idea of smart glasses, the company has said. The technology, which delivers news, messages and calls directly to a user’s field of view, has been on sale in the […]