The ORBI Prime 360 video glasses enable you to capture and re-live your activities in Ultra HD 4K resolution.

There are plenty of 360 cameras available now, but not so many that come in the form of a trendy pair of sunglasses. In fact, it seems like the ORBI Prime are the first. The ORBI Prime 360 video glasses offer an alternative to those pricey rigs and mounts. They also look far cooler and keep the Sun out of your eyes.

The 3D video shades have four 1920 x 1080 cameras built into their polycarbonate frame. They offer 90 minutes of recording time and 128GB MicroSD for plenty of storage. The shades are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can quickly connect and share your videos and photos on Youtube 360 and other social networks, plus video-stitching and mobile editing is made quick and easy with ORBI’s cutting-edge software. The software will stitch your videos up to 30 fps, resulting in a smoother viewing experience. It also provides stabilization to improve zooming, panning, rotation; and reduce shaking.


Along with their high-tech offerings, ORBI Prime come with polarized, adaptive lenses. They come in his and her’s sizes and 5 different color combos. An IP64 water-resistance rating means the glasses will survive in the rain, but probably not if you capsize your canoe.

The 360 video glasses work with iOS 9.0 + and Android 4.4 +. The video stitching and editing also works on PC and Mac.

The ORBI Prime retail price is expected to be around $650 USD. Hefty discounts are still available (at the time of writing) over at Indiegogo. The estimated shipping date for Indiegogo backers is August 2017.

Google Glass received a lot of stick a few years back for their video recording capabilities, but it seems like people are getting more used to the idea – let’s face it, we might as well get used to it, because wearable cameras aren’t going away. This is backed up by the Snapchat Spectacles selling out within hours of their release a few days ago..


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