If travelling by foot is your preferred method of passage through the city and you are prone to jogging straight past a venue that would potentially suit your interest without even knowing it’s there, then worry not!

Lechal bluetooth enabled footwear will not let you miss a potential match as you jog past the masses of restaurants, shops or clubs that your feet would normally carry you unwittingly past.

If you just run to keep fit and often find yourself reaching for your phone for directions, then you know it is not an ideal situation! Loss of rhythm, eyes on the screen is always a good reason for a collision with a lamp-post, and of course the classic case of dropping your phone. (Normally this only happens to people who run marathons or generally go running in unfamiliar territory!)

The Lechal Shoe has Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone (GPS) and if you should be turning right at the next alley, the right shoe will rumble. If you have a disposition for fresh sardines and run past an Iberian tapas joint (without smelling it first), the shoes will rumble.

Lechal has other benefits as a fitness accessory such as counting your steps and calories burned.

If you don’t want to buy the whole shoe and are contempt with the footwear you are already wearing then you can just buy the in sole version of Lechal which fit into any shoe.


The Bangalore, India based creators of the Lechal shoe originally designed it to assist visually impaired people, but with wearable technology breaking into the mainstream they have created a shoe that will fit nicely into the near future fashion market.

Lechal is equipped with Haptic technology, Haptic is responsible for the rumble in your games console controllers. Bluetooth along with a smartphone app that syncs with google maps will have you bouncing hands free without missing a trick!

The Lechal Shoe is not just smart but also pretty! Designed with velcro fastening and a contemporary look and made with high quality materials. Also you wont have to worry about splashing through puddles as the technology in the shoes is water-resistant.

Inside the shoes are small Lithium Polymer batteries which come with a USB charger. Both the shoes and in-soles will cost you around $100