Florida-based startup, Radifit are aiming to help prevent the risk of orthopedic injury with their smart knee support.

At the same time as being a fantastic example of divine creation, the knee is one of the joints most prone to injury. All that cartilage, tendon and ligament working inside your knees is no less than a marvel, but when something goes wrong it can be a right old pain, literally, and it can take ages to heal.

Knee ligament damage is common among sports injuries. I’m into kiteboarding and last year was confronted with particularly ferocious wave on the way down from a 7 meter jump which twisted my right knee. I had to take a month out and returned to the water again with a neoprene brace. It worked well and now the problem has gone, but it took about a year to heal.

With knee injuries so common, especially in sports, it’s about time knee supports were brought up to date, in the age of wearable technology and all. The team at Radifit obviously think so. Their smart sports knee support monitors the movements of those miraculous yet vulnerable joints and sends the information to a companion app.

Using a patented distal interphalangeal joints (DIP) system, the connected knee support senses when the knee is becoming susceptible to injury and recommends you to take action to prevent it.

Non-smart knee supports and braces are good for rehabilitation following ruptures, sprains, tears, twists and the other nasties; but even better would be to prevent the injury before it happens. That’s the goal of Radifit; to provide an accurate muscle-monitoring solution for everybody, from athletes and therapists to people who just like to jog around the park with their chiwawa.

How comfortable the device is remains to seen, as it does look a bit awkward the way it sits on the front of the knee.


Radifit’s smart sports knee support will be live on Kickstarter from November 1st. This is what Radifit said about the price in their press release: “The sleeves can be pre-ordered now for $199. However, kickstarter backers will secure the sleeves at a discounted price.” I’m not exactly clear on how much discount backers will get.

Radifit are now live on Kickstarter with a goal of $30k USD. The estimated shipping date is May 2017.






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