Looking to ramp up your workouts and take your fitness up another notch with digital insights?

Fitness trackers can record your steps, measure the distance you’ve walked or ran on daily basis, and keep tabs of the overall calories you have worked off. Better still, some devices will even record the number of laps you swim in the pool, as well as measuring and tracking your heart rate.

If you’re someone who likes to swim and run, why not consider a waterproof wearable and use it to monitor your progress. Here are three decent quality waterproof fitness trackers that are wallet friendly, and best yet less than $100.

3 Waterproof Fitness Trackers That Won’t Bust Your Bank..

Moov Now


Moov Now is compact, lightweight, comfortable and offers multi-sport tracking features which includes vocal fitness guidance. The Moov Now can literally coach you through an entire workout session, motivating you to push harder with its semi-lovable female robot voice.

Whether you’re a swimmer or even a tri-athlete, the Moov Now can detect your lap times, number of laps, pace, stroke rate/length, flip/turn time, swim duration, fastest 100 meters/yards, interval times, and calories burnt in the pool. It automatically recognizes your strokes: breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.

The Moov app provides tips on how to improve your speed and technique, allows you to compare your stats against other members of the Moov community, and even compare times against Olympic gold medal swims.

It has a water resistance rating of 3 meters, but it doesn’t offer real-time coaching while swimming like it does on dry land as you need your smartphone to use the voice guidance feature, so you have to wait until you exit the pool to get all the metrics and analyze your swimming session.

In regards to the real-time vocal fitness coaching; this feature can be tailored to direct you all the way through a range of workout routines: running, walking, cycling, boxing and 7 minute workout. It syncs via Bluetooth to the companion smartphone app, and uses your smartphone’s GPS to provide metrics such as speed and distance.

As well as featuring a ton of sports modes and audio coaching, the Moov Now also offers basic sleep monitoring. However, it doesn’t count your steps like most of its competitors and there are no smartphone notifications. But, for real-time training and swimming metrics, the Moov Now offers more than anything else in its price range.

Moov Now is iOS and Android compatible. It uses a coin cell watch battery rather than a rechargeable battery and provides up to six months service before it needs replacing.

 Moov Now

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Misfit Flash


The Misfit Flash fitness wearable is one of the lowest priced waterproof fitness trackers available and has a water-resistant rating up to 3 meters.

The Flash can record several activities from running and swimming to cycling. The device can also be personally tailored to recognize and monitor a range of activities such as tennis, basketball, yoga and more. There are no advanced swimming metrics like you’ll find with the Moov Now, but the swim recognition gives you an insight to how many calories you burned in the pool.

For sure, this is a multi purpose activity tracker which can used to keep tabs on the number of steps taken, total distance traveled, calories burnt, and it automatically tracks your sleep.

The Misfit Flash is iOS, Android, and Windows Phone compatible and syncs wirelessly to your smartphone. It comes in a range of colors, and includes both a sport band for your wrist, and a clasp if you’d prefer to wear it on your shoes, waist, or even a key chain.

The Misfit Flash uses a replaceable coin cell battery, it lasts around 6 months before it needs to be changed (no charging necessary). As with all wearables, the battery life really boils down to how often you use it; occasional use may result in a little more than 6 months.

The Misfit Flash makes fitness tracking simple, inexpensive and convenient for everyone; swimmers, tech heads, Olympians and peanut butter lovers alike.

 Misfit Flash

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Polar Loop


The Polar Loop covers the essential health and fitness metrics: calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled. If you’re looking to accurately monitor your heart rate, you can wirelessly connect the Polar Loop to a Polar H7 chest strap.

An onboard LED display enables you to quickly browse through your stats, and Bluetooth connectivity means you can quickly connect to Polar’s “Flow” tools and keep up-to-date with your progress.

The Loop is waterproof so it’s safe to use while swimming. It doesn’t feature any advanced swimming metrics, but it does track your calories burned in the pool, and if you want to monitor your BPM The Polar H7 chest strap is also waterproof.

Along with all-day activity tracking, the Loop also monitors your sleep. Coupled with a trendy design and a user-friendly app, the Polar Loop is one of the top waterproof options for under $100.

 Polar Loop

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If you are in the market for a higher-performing waterproof fitness tracker, jump over to waterprooffitnesstracker.net for an up-to-date list of the top 11 devices available today. Some of the featured devices are suitable for multi-sport activities such as triathlon, and one has a price tag of just $60.






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