A second edition of the Speedo Shine swim orientated activity tracker went on sale today. On Misfit’s website they’re referring to it as the Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition, but for the sake of keeping it short we’ll call it the Speedo Shine 2.

Misfit and Speedo haven’t waited too long to release their second swim tracker, as the original Speedo Shine was only released 9 months ago in September 2015.

The Speedo Shine 2 borrows the design of the popular Misfit Shine 2, including the multi-color twelve-LED display and vibration alerts. The improved functionality and new features found with the Shine 2 have also been adopted by the new swim tracker.

Misfit Link compatibility means you can use the new waterproof wearable’s smart button feature to remotely control your music playlist, camera, smart home and IoT devices, and a whole lot more thanks to IFTTT integration.

As you’d expect, the Speedo Shine 2 is pretty clever in the pool. It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters. It will count your laps and total swim distance with industry standard accuracy. It works for 25 and 50 meter pools and any type of stroke. There’s also a swim time countdown timer which vibrates when you reach your desired distance – not its most impressive feature..


The Speedo Shine 2 is suitable for those who want to get in sync with activity and sleep tracking, and may visit the pool every so often. On dry land it will keep track of your steps, distance, calories burned, and provide insights into your sleep quality and duration.

Every wearable and its dog delivers call and text notifications. The Speedo Shine 2 joins the club. It also reminds you to get moving and tells the time, all by way of vibration and fancy little light dances.

If you already own a Misfit Shine 2 or Misfit Ray, or are thinking about getting one, you may be pleased to know that the swimming features, i.e., lap counting and swim distance can now be added with an in-app purchase of $9.99 USD.

Battery Life

Like the rest of Misfit’s wearables, the new Swimmer’s Edition uses a replaceable coin cell battery that lasts up 6 months without any charging.


The Misfit App is compatible with iOS 7 + / Android 4.3 + / Windows 8.1 +. The Misfit Link app is compatible iOS 8.0 + / Android 4.3 + / Windows 10 +.

Price and Release Date

It’s been released today (June 21st 2016) and you can grab one now for $119.99 USD at the Misfit Official Website.






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