Pavlock are back on Indiegogo with a shocking new wearable which could potentially be the world’s most effective alarm clock. For me, those old-fashioned round alarm clocks with the hammer that smacks those two bells at lightening speed are the most effective, as I don’t seem to remember them having a snooze button plus they’re loud enough to give you a friggin heart attack.. I haven’t used one for a while though, doctors orders.

Pavlock are known for creating a smart band that uses electroshock aversion therapy to help you kick bad habits. Electroshock aversion therapy is basically a form of punishment to train the brain out of entertaining defective practices, famously used by Dr. Pete Venkman in his first scene in the original Ghostbusters movie.

Shock Clock, Pavlock’s latest wearable, is based on the same principle, if you class not being able to get out of bed as a bad habit. The wrist-worn Shock Clock uses three sensory stimuli to ensure you climb out of the sack and start your day with wide eyes: First of all it will simply vibrate like a civilized wearable; if that doesn’t get you moving it will start to make annoying beeping sounds; finally, if you don’t grab the first two opportunities to avoid pain it will electrocute your ass..


The slightly sadistic morning therapy is based on the premise that after a few days your brain will recognise the initial vibration means an electric shock is coming your way, ideally resulting in you getting the hell out of dodge after feeling the first vibration.

Pavlock are asking for the support of the Indiegogo community so they can add three new features to the already developed Shock Clock. The new features are: Snooze Lock: The ability to use motion tracking to sense when you’re out of bed. Accountability: A feature that informs your friends if you’re being lazy, optionally granting them the power to electrocute you out of bed. Sleep Cycle Analysis: Described by Pavlock as exactly the same as the first feature (Snooze Lock)..

As absurd as it may sound to shock yourself out of cuckoo land at daybreak, Pavlock insist that “This isn’t just some crazy idea”. Electroshock aversion therapy is a tried and tested scientific method of tuning the brain. Find out more at