If you can’t control your unwanted habits and truly want a smack on the arse every time you indulge, throw the cane away because now there is a better means of self punishment!

The Pavlok band, refered to as The Habit Changing Device will demand that you kick any disagreeable tendencies by literally shocking them out of you!

A very small minority of people actually get off on being electrocuted but for the vast majority, electric shocks suck! So why on Earth would you buy a device and then strap it to your wrist so it can give you electric shocks? Well there are the obvious answers, like you are a masochist, or maybe you are preparing to go in the Army.

The principal idea of wearing the Pavlok device is based on ‘Aversion Therapy’ where if the wearer/patient does something wrong they will be sharply reminded by a form of discipline, in this case a momentary shock, a consistent occurrence of the shocks then (in theory) imprints the pattern into the brain and the patient/wearer eventually gets the message.

This kind of therapy hasn’t had the best results in the past because it generally begins to, uhh well, remember the first Dr. Peter Venkman scene in Ghostbusters, when he is using electroshock aversion therapy on those two students, what did the guy say before he got up and stormed out of the room?


However we are at the beginning of a new age and electroshock therapy could maybe see better results as a self-administered therapy in the form of wearable technology, rather than somebody else shocking you. There are obviously quite a number of people who are willing to give it a try because the Pavlok shock band has surpassed its $50,000 USD goal on IndieGoGo, with still 30 days to go.

Pavlok also has other uses apart from kicking addiction. It can be seen as a very strict fitness band/coach. The typical fitness band will just pleasantly vibrate and flash, and display your stats on a screen when you don’t do enough excercise in the day, whereas Pavlok will remind you of your slouchiness via electro punishment! Note that the device does have a sympathetic side as it is also capable of beeping and shockless vibration.

Pavlok can also be used to remind you not to do naughty things like, waste time on distracting websites, sending a text to your ex, being late for the gym and even walking into McDonald’s. It can also be used as a sleep tracker. There are actually limitless aspects that Pavlok can help you with!

The device will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and come with a companion app for iOS and Android. From the app you can adjust the intensity level of the shocks along with many other features.

Pavlok can be removed from the wristband and instead be worn using adhesive patches, it is water-resistant and the wristband is adjustable to fit any size.

It has a range of around 50 feet from your phone, provides 48 hours of use between charges and comes with a Micro USB charging cable.

You can Pre-order this shocking wearable at pavlok.com for $149 USD (£92) and the estimated shipping date is April 2015.

So if you need some discipline and the average fitness/life tracker is not strict enough for you, then look out for the Pavlok, the World’s strictest wearable technology device!