Samsung’s C-Lab is a project that supports innovation from Samsung employees with the goal of helping them launch independent startups and new products.

A few interesting wearables that have recently sprouted from C-Lab is WELT, the smart weight management belt, and the IOFIT smart golf shoes. Another C-Lab product causing some hype is SGNL, a smart strap that brings connected features to any watch, smart or classic.

The SGNL smart strap is fitted with 18mm – 24mm lugs. It can be used with your analog Swiss watch or smartwatches such as the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S.

SGNL uses Bluetooth LE to connect with devices running iOS 8.0 + and Android 4.4 +. When you receive an incoming call, text, email or notification from social media apps the strap vibrates.

A gyroscope and accelerometer are built into the strap to keep track of your movement and workouts. The essential fitness tracking metrics; steps, distance and calorie output are available to review in the companion app.

If you don’t wear a watch but still wouldn’t mind wrapping a SGNL around your wrist, it can be worn as a standalone smart band.

Also onboard SGNL is a built-in microphone that provides a point-of-contact method for listening to phone calls by simply touching your finger to your ear. The makers of SGNL are calling this technique “Calls at your Fingertip”.

Only the wearer can hear the “Fingertip” sound, making it ideal for environments such as restaurants, conference rooms, elevators, libraries, or wherever else you don’t want to broadcast your conversation.

Samsung C-Lab’s SGNL has shown enough potential for the group to launch as an independent company in 2015. No word on when it will be available though. Find out more over






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