Weight loss is one of the largest sectors in the wellness industry, generating around $150 billion per year. The wearable technology industry has some impressive revenue forecasts of its own, so combining weight loss and wearables makes oodles of sense.

There are tons of weight loss apps available for free, and every fitness tracker I’m aware of counts your calorie output and offers something in the way of weight management. Standing out from a plethora of wrist-worn wearables and a few slightly weird fat burning vests, is a smart belt called “WELT”, short for “Wellness Belt”.

Despite the peculiar name, the smart belt looks pretty stylish, and definitely has potential. The WELT stems from Samsung’s Creative Lab project which was formed to cultivate creatives and encourage new startup companies.


Yesterday, Samsung announced that 18 of their employees working on 5 different Creative Lab projects resigned from the company to officially establish their startups – one of them being WELT.

WELT was unveiled back at CES in January so you may have already heard of it, however yesterday’s news that an official company is now being registered indicates the smart weight loss belt will more than likely go into production, and as it’s already well past the prototype stage it probably won’t be too long before it’s available to buy.

How does the smart belt help you lose weight

First of all, it looks no different from the average leather belt, so you can keep your weight loss efforts discrete. WELT can automatically measure your waist size and let you know if you’ve lost or gained any girth. An over-eating prevention feature monitors the tension in the belt and notifies you when you should stop eating. Lol..


The smart belt also includes a few fitness tracking features, such as counting your steps and monitoring the amount of time you spend sitting down. All your fitness and dieting data can be accessed and analyzed with a companion smartphone app which also provides tips and plans on how to shed lbs and improve your overall health.

We don’t know when the smart weight management belt will be available or how much it will cost, but we’re looking forward to trying it out.