Clever footwork is fundamental to being good at virtually any sport, even conkers..

These shoes aren’t built for playing conkers (unfortunately). Golf is the target sport for these connected kicks.

The IOFIT smart golf shoes developed by Saltedventure. Inc, one of the first startups to spring from Samsung’s Creative Labs, are now live on Kickstarter where they’ve already surpassed their funding goal of $30,000.

IOFIT are designed for casual golfers, pro golfers and golf coaches who are looking to raise their game as well as adding a bit of connected fun to the occasion.


Built into the outsoles of the shoes are motion and pressure sensors. They connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone or tablet to provide real-time coaching feedback for important aspects of your game.

Like any sport, good balance is essential in golf. To help maximize your drive and keep steady on the green, the smart shoes analyze asymmetries in balance in your feet between left and right, and front and back. They also monitor ground contact, center of gravity, pressure distribution, tempo, consistency and more to provide a detailed swing analysis.

A video analysis feature allows you to see changes in your form and visually compare your swing with other golfers to see how you compare. It also allows you to overlay video onto other players for a detailed visual comparison.


The IOFIT smart golf shoes offer activity tracking, so you can see the number of steps and calories burned during your game, as well as how much distance you covered around the course and total game duration.

We covered the Under Amour smart golf shoes a few weeks ago, worn by Jordan Spieth during the 2016 Open championship played in Scotland. While the Under Armour kicks are extremely cool, they don’t offer detailed insights and digital coaching on the same level as IOFIT.


The IOFIT smart golf shoes use Bluetooth 4.0 to sync wirelessly to devices running Android 4.4 or higher, and iOS 8.0 or higher.

Battery Life

Around 5 days with 2 hours of daily use. In other words 10 hours.

Price and Release Date

Super early bird prices start at $189 USD over at Kickstarter. The retail price will be $399. Kickstarter backers can expect their orders to start shipping in Febuary 2017.






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