Snapchat, the trendiest and most popular social media app for the millennial youth are spreading their billion dollar wings and swooping in on the wearable technology scene.

Snapchat shed light on their ambitions to gear up users with wearable tech when they released their cool camera Spectacles a few months ago. Now, with the $30 – $40 million acquisition of Cimagine, an Israeli startup that specializes in augmented reality, it seems Snapchat have plans for eyewear that does more than just recording video and snagging photos.

Cimagine is a cloud-based AR platform designed to optimize conversion rates for their commercial partners by allowing potential customers to visualize cool stuff for sale in the place where they’re heading.

The already available Snapchat Spectacles which enable users to rapidly and wirelessly add snaps from a first-person view to the messaging app are pretty hard to get hold of; unless there happens to be a yellow Snapbot vending machine in your neighborhood, or you’re willing to pay over $200 on .

It’s not clear whether Snapchat intend to modify the trendy-looking camera Spectacles and equip them with augmented reality capabilities, or whether a completely new design is on the cards.

2017 might be a good year for AR eyewear.. We might even see the return of Google Glass, but don’t quote me on that.




Source: Techcrunch