Smart glasses and augmented reality, one of the most exciting areas of the rising wearable tech industry.

Recon Instruments, recently bought out by Intel have been making heads-up displays for sports since they were founded in 2008. Their powerful solution for snowboarding and skiing, Recon Snow 2 has the same onboard processing power, networking abilities and sensor suite you would expect from a smartphone or tablet. The Recon Instruments product that deservedly attracts the most attention is their Jet smart glasses.

The Recon Jet smart glasses are built to keep people with active lifestyles connected to the possibilities of digital in real-time. They can accommodate pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts to people who ride a bike to work, or enjoy walking their dogs around the park – in other words they are for everybody.


Jet feature an onboard GPS and the ability to auto-send data to apps such as Strava and MapMyFitness. Within the heads-up display you can read texts, caller IDs, maps, see nearby friends, access social media and a whole lot more thanks to the Android-based OS.

Recon Jet are not only packed with cutting-edge technology, they are also by far the best looking smart glasses in the world! Highly adjustable nosepieces and ear stems enable users of all shapes to easily adjust the fit. Jet come with a choice of 4 different colored, impact-tested, polarized UVA/UVB protection, interchangeable lens options – making them true performance eyewear.

The Recon Jet rechargeable battery lasts for around 4 hours, spare batteries are available that are designed to be easily swapped whilst you’re on the move. The  companion app, Recon Engage is compatible with iOS and Android.

Since being acquired by Intel, Recon Instruments have more room to lower their prices and you can now buy Jet now for around $499 USD.

 Recon Jet

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MyGoproRemote2 For Recon Jet and Snow2

You are a bit of an action junkie and want to shoot video from a first person view, but the chances are whatever sports you’re into involves using both your hands! The obvious solution is a heads-up display or a GoPro!

Recon Jet do have an onboard 720p camera for shooting photos and video, but it’s limited to a maximum of one minute for videos. The new MyGoproRemote2 app enables you to control your GoPro from the smart glasses headset touchpad. The new app offers the same functions as GoPro’s own app.

Once you’ve set up a Wi-Fi communication between Jet or Snow2 and GoPro (Hero 3 or 4), you can take advantage of the app’s features, such as record, preview, mode change and more without taking your eyes off whatever madness you’re into.