Pimp your Fitbit Flex into a smart jewelry accessory. Fitbit are great at concealing the tech on your wrist with their minimal and somewhat humdrum designs, but it doesn’t have to be this way if you’re a bling orientated fitness tracker fan!

Fitbit got together with fashion designer Tory Burch in 2014 to create a smart jewelry hybrid to pimp up your activity tracking. The Fitbit/Tory Burch hybrid, which I’m gonna call the ‘FitBurch’ comes in the form of either a pendant or bracelet along with a couple of blingy bands. (FitBurch is a fitting name because Tory Burch is rather fit!)

They are designed to house the Fitbit Flex, which is still the best-selling fitness tracker. The tracking module can be interchanged between the different FitBurch styles.

The FitBurch has a solid build and has the recognizable trademarks of Tory Burch design, just in case you want anyone to notice, (like you probably will if you’re wearing one).


The two silicone bracelets are available in pink and blue, they are embellished with baroque geometrical lattice and feature a Tory Burch logo shaped around the flashing LED’s.

If you are more inclined towards a smart jewelry look rather than the fruitless look of a standard Fitbit, then you’re in the right place, and it’s not too expensive! The bracelet costs $195 USD (£125) and the pendant $175 (£115). But, the Fitbit Flex module is not included in that price, and neither are the silicone bands which cost $38 (£25) each.

The jewelry industry meeting with wearable tech innovators such as Fitbit is bound to lead to big things, like planting magic beans in the garden!

Shop for the Tory Burch collection at Fitbit.com