At the start of 2015 you may have come across reports that Google Glass came to an end, the truth is that it was the Explorer Program that ended, the base of Google Glass still stands firm.

If you visit the official Glass , an amicable message is displayed saying “THANKS FOR EXPLORING WITH US, THE JOURNEY DOESN’T END HERE”. For me, smart glasses and augmented reality is one of the most exiting areas of wearable technology, so it’s good to know that Google’s smart glasses are still breathing.

Google aren’t the only major firm endeavoring to bring augmented reality glasses to the masses – Intel have shown their intent by been buying up smart glasses outfits Vuzix and Reacon Instruments, Epson are in the game with their BT-200’s, Sony with their SmartEyeglass, and several more.

With so many resources being pumped into smart glasses projects, it’s a matter of “when” rather than “if” they will take off!

A new patent to spice up the next generation of Google Glass was awarded a few days ago.


Image Source: U.S Patent and Trademark Office

The patent involves technology that will enable users to use their fingers to draw a frame in space in front of the smart glasses, the camera will then target the area inside the frame and take a photo. A snippet from the patent says “To capture and process images in response to a user placing their hands in, and then withdrawing their hands from, a frame formation.”

Drawing frames with your fingers isn’t the only modification to Glass. At the end of 2014 a patented emerged that suggested the next-gen Glass will shift the display from the right to the left eye, plus the minimal glasses design could be replaced by something a little cooler.