Toshiba Smart glasses (Toshiba Glass) have their sights set on professional industries rather than the mainstream consumer. Who can blame then after the early reception that Google Glass has received by the spoilers, Glass Hole, please give me a freakin break! Anyway that’s probably not the reason that Toshiba Glass is heading away from the masses, rather that the potential for pro industries is greater, for now anyway.

A good example of using smart glasses for constructive use is cooking! You can get a recipe up on your glasses hands free and follow it without having to stop chopping to turn a page or swipe a screen. It all makes sense!

Toshiba Glass Toshiba is getting into the smart glasses space. The Japanese tech giant was displaying some of its more forward-thinking tech at CES this week including a talking and singing Android and a line of smartglasses called Toshiba Glass. The Android may be a concept but the Glass