Reports suggest that Sony are ready to launch their smart glasses, the Sony SmartEyeglass on March 10th. The smartglasses will cost $840 in the United States, and £620 in the UK.

The first release of Sony’s latest wearable technology device will be the developer edition. Following the recent closure of Google Glass, tech fans are hoping that Sony’s augmented reality glasses have a more solid foundation for developers to buiild on.

Sony SmartEyeglass was first unveiled in 2014 at IFA. If you know about augmented reality then you already have some idea about what features smart glasses can bring, will Sony be the first to bring those features to the mainstream consumer and keep them there?

The general sentiment regarding augmented reality devices is that they will meld into society over the next ten years, some believe it will be sooner. The common sentiment is; be it 2, 5 or 10 years – augmented reality is coming and it will be major!