The Misfit Ray was first unveiled at the beginning of January and is now available to buy with immediate shipping. The new fitness tracker has inherited some characteristics of its predecessor the Misfit Shine, such as the versatility to wear it as a necklace or bracelet.

The new Misfit Ray is an activity tracker with charm to match its capabilities. Onboard is a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, sleep duration and sleep quality. It allows you to tag different activity types, including: running, walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, tennis and dancing. Activity tagging enables the device to more accurately award you points for your efforts.

The Misfit Ray’s multi-color LED display makes it easy for you to keep tabs on your daily goal progress. instead of the circular display found on the Shine and Flash, the new wearable has a rectangular affair which flashes different colors depending on how close you are to your daily fitness goals.

Smart notifications are a must have ingredient for the latest activity trackers. when your smartphone receives an incoming call or text message, the Ray’s LED display lights up; green for calls and blue for texts – just in case your sleeves are rolled down it will also vibrate. As the Misfit Ray is designed to be worn 24 x 7 it has a silent (vibrating) alarm to help you rise from the pit at daybreak.


In addition to activity tracking, sleep monitoring and smart notifications, the Misfit Ray has IFTTT integration which opens up a new dimension of possibilities, such as music control and managing smart home devices.

The Misfit Ray is made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and is available in Rose Gold or Carbon Black.

The Misfit App is compatible with iOS 7 + / Android 4.3 + / Windows 8.1 +. The Misfit Link app is compatible iOS 8.0 + / Android 4.3 + / Windows 10 +. You can also access your Misfit dashboard with a desktop/Laptop.

If you’re running out of USB ports to charge the blizzard of connected gadgets being rained upon our heads, you’ll be happy to know the Misfit Ray never needs charging.. Instead it uses a coin cell battery that lasts about 6 months .

If you’re interested in activity tracking, but like to keep your tech sweet and simple, Misfit is the brand. Head over to and get Ray for $99 USD.

 Misfit Ray

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