Wearable technology has only just been born into the modern age. Although there are many devices available and more projects underway, wearable tech is in a pristine state and the surface has barely been scratched. The brand new domain of wearables will naturally spawn new territory and avenues for creative minds to build upon. The opportunities that wearable tech presents for designers, start-ups and entrepreneurs are countless and gleaming.

Some of the emerging wearable tech start-ups are making the most of these opportunities and thinking outside of the box, some of their products have the potential to be globe beaters. One such start-up company based in Boston USA fits this criteria, as their looming wearable product ‘Magnet’ has the gravity to attract the populace.

Magnet is a Smart Jewelry accessory that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, it comes as a pair with the primary purpose of communicating feelings between two people. You may ask, what kind of feelings? love of course!


With Magnet you can convey warm feelings to a loved one no matter where each of you are in the world. Imagine you have found the precious affinity that is love, but sorely you are separated by your job which takes you far away from home, just to know that your loved one is thinking of you brings brightness to your day.

The essence of Magnet can touch the lives of many, a father with an overseas job yearning to remind his daughter that he is thinking of her, or a son reminding his mother how dear she is whilst on his travels.

We can always call and send texts to those we miss, but Magnet offers something more simple and pure, a feeling, then a thought and a smile.

Anyway, I’m running out of tissues, so enough of the slushiness, how does Magnet work?

Magnet comes as a pair, they are worn by two people in a relationship. When one person is thinking of the other, they simply tap the device, then the paired device will receive the data and inform the wearer that their loved one is thinking of them by flashing colourful LEDs and gently vibrating.

Magnet will come with a companion app for iOS and Android, as it works through mobiles, the communication can be received anywhere in the world (as long as there is a signal). Magnet’s battery life is currently around 36 hours but the team are working on extending that before the launch.

The design of Magnet is inspired by a stream washed stone that symbolizes timeless love and beauty. It will be available in different packages: The Magnet Standard will include a chord necklace and leather band, with a colour option of copper or brushed aluminium. The Magnet Luxe will include a sterling silver chain and a premium leather band, with a color option of gold or silver.

The world’s first wearable especially for love will probably retail at around USD $200-$250 for a pair, and should be available for shipping in July 2015.

Visit usemagnet.com to find out more, or get behind the Magnet team by backing them on Kickstarter