Today, Samsung announced they have agreed to acquire Viv Labs, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence.

Viv Labs co-founded by the creators of Siri. Their creation, Viv AI is an open platform designed for companies and developers to integrate and distribute products and services through the intelligent, conversational interface.

Viv is described as “The simplest way for the world to interact with devices, services and things everywhere” and a technology that can “simplify the world by providing an intelligent interface to everything” – suitable for Samsung as they are into just about “everything”.

Samsung will be integrating the Viv AI ecosystem across all of their devices offering customers simplified user interfaces and a system that gets to know the context of the user so it can provide actionable insights and recommendations.

Along with machine learning capabilities, Viv AI has a sophisticated natural language understanding and is ideal for use with wearable technology, smart home devices and The Internet of Things.

Source / Samsung

AI Rant

Artificial intelligence is getting more advanced and will inevitably become more integrated into our lives as time goes on. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is in the form of voice assistants like Siri and Google Now, and smart fitness coaches that provide actionable insights, such as Moov and LifeBeam Vi.

Machine learning is creeping into all kinds of devices and applications; that’s okay if the machine just wants to learn about which brands I like and display relevant ads like Cookies do; but machine decision-making – when machines start making decisions for themselves – is potentially dangerous territory.

AI in the Movies


The philosophy of movies coming true is quite interesting, as it involves preconception and visualization; therefore the idea is already in effect, and every manifestation originates as an idea. This relates to the cosmological phenomena, the Law of Attraction, if you believe in that stuff.

Anyway, I’m not a friggin philosopher but this does kind of make sense.

There have been some friendly decision-making AI in movies and TV, such as Red Dwarf’s Holly and Johnny 5; but most onscreen AI we’ve seen spells bad news for humans. The scary part is, some of them actually have good intentions and think they are helping humans, or the planet.

That’s the scary part, because I can see where they’re coming from! The malice of humans driven by greed “is” going to destroy wildlife as we know it, if big changes aren’t made pretty damn sharpish! If I could virtualize myself and assume command over computers and machines like The Lawnmower Man did in 1992, then I’d consider stepping in and doing something about it. Let’s face it, the powers that be aren’t helping as they’re only interested in profit.

Here are some examples of onscreen AI that have wreaked havoc on humans with the belief that they were actually helping us or the planet:

VIKI, the master intelligence in the I, Robot movie. She unleashed a bunch of unhinged NS-5 robots in he belief that she was preventing us from hurting ourselves.

Agent Smith from the Matrix famously said “You’re a plague and we are the cure”. Although maybe that was just an excuse for using humans as a source of electricity.

Then there’s AI like Ultron who just thought human existence was pointless so why not just wipe us out. And Terminator’s Skynet; I’m still not exactly sure what the hell their problem was.

Onscreen AI doesn’t always have things its own way. The 2001 movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence with Jude Law basically consisted of humans brutalizing their bionic counterparts, plus messing with their emotions. There was a bit of an emblematic clue at the end of the movie though – when no humans were left on the planet but AI remained.

Scary AI in the News Now

An article published on Forbes back in June describes a new AI drone called ALPHA that can defeat human pilots in combat.

A really important dude called Colonel Lee, who has been testing systems since the early 1980s, said ALPHA is “The most aggressive, responsive, dynamic and credible AI I’ve seen to date.”

Agressive, decision-making combat drones don’t sound like such a clever idea to me. The first that springs to mind when hearing this real-life AI drone story might be Oblivion – the Tom Cruise movie where nutcase drones obliterate anything they don’t like.

Artificial intelligence definitely has a good side, but do you think it really poses a risk to humanity, like in the movies?





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