Motorized shoes, cool or not cool?

If you’re using them on a nice clean tarmac or you’re just bored of putting one leg in front of the other, then cool.

If the majority of your ambulation (posh word for walking) routes are situated on dirt roads, or you find the age-old art of walking appealing, then not cool.

If you think motorized shoes “are” cool, then the ESMAR X-Shoe which is currently live on Indiegogo may spark your interest.

According to the startup behind the X-Shoe, you can learn how to use them in just 10 minutes.

It might be a good idea to practice near your local proctology clinic.

Each X-Shoe contains a 60W electric motor powered by a 22.2V 1500mAh rechargeable battery that can apparently take an 80 KG person 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) before needing a recharge. The charging time is around 1.5 hours, which should give you enough time to charge them up while visiting the proctologist. The maximum weight for using the motorized shoes is 120 KG.

Each shoe is equipped with four wheels with rubber tires. A wireless handheld remote which connects to the shoes via Bluetooth is used to activate the wheels, and then lock them when you feel like walking.

When it comes to controlling the speed and brakes, the makers of the speedy kicks have said, “The user can quickly stop with only fore sole landing for several steps of buffer.” It’s hard to tell exactly what this means, but it looks like there are three stoppers underneath the front of the shoes.


The X-Shoe’s top speed is 9.3 mph (15 km/h) in pro mode, and 7.4 mph (12 km/h) in safe mode – obviously your weight would be a decisive factor in how fast you’d go. Zero to top speed is described as being a matter of seconds – another trip to the proctologist.

Just over 9 mph and a battery life that will take you 3.1 miles is pretty impressive, but’s it’s not on par with the Acton Rocket Skates R10 which go 12 mph and and last for 10 miles, there again the rocket skates are around $180 more than the X-Shoe’s retail price.

The retail price of the X-Shoe will be $499 USD. Discounts are still available over at Indiegogo (at the time of writing). The estimated shipping date for backers is September – October 2017.