The unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 2 came at yesterday’s event which also showcased the iPhone 7 and wireless Apple Air Pods.

When the first Apple Watch was unveiled in September 2014, it was around 8 months later when it finally hit the shelves. No such wait will follow yesterday’s unveiling of the Watch 2 though, as pre-orders are opening September 9th (tomorrow) with a release date of September 16th.

Pretty much every smartwatch shepherd and their sheep are making circular devices at the moment, whereas Apple are on a different buzz; maintaining the right-angled design of their first Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 2 comes in different variations with a choice of either 38mm or 42mm sizes:

Watch Hermes

Designed to look good with your best garb and comes with a selection of handcrafted leather straps by Hermes, and their disposition for making swanky accessories.


Watch Nike+

The result of a long-lasting love affair between the world’s leading tech company and the world’s leading sports apparel company. It comes with a silicone strap designed in the style of Nike’s iconic Volt among other color combos. The sporty smartwatch number also features a permanent Complication for launching the recently revamped and renamed Nike+ Run Club app.


Watch Edition Series 2

Impervious to scratches, the new Watch Edition is made of a lightweight ceramic that is four times harder than stainless steel.



Fitness and sports are the strongest sectors in wearable technology, Apple obviously know this and are making a statement to firms such as Garmin by equipping the Watch Series 2 with a built-in GPS, a feature that AppleHeads were disappointed not to find in the first Watch. Also on board is a heart rate monitor.

Swimming is on the cards with Apple’s new offering, as it’s water-resistant enough to take for a plunge and there’s a new swimming app that keeps track of your laps.

New Display

The Watch Series 2 has a second-generation AMOLED touchscreen display with Force Touch. It’s thinner than the original and capable of twice the brightness. The display is made with scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal.

More Power

Under the hood is a new GPU and S2 dual-core processor which has twice the power of the original Watch. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and uses Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity. There’s no cellular LTE like Samsung are offering with the Gear S3 but a built-in speaker and microphone means you can chat with Siri and take calls on your wrist while paired with your smartphone.

Bigger Battery

The Apple Watch 2 has a larger battery capacity than its predecessor and offers a battery life of up to 18 hours depending on use.


WatchOS 3 launches on September 13th, the same day as iOS 10 which is needed to run the Watch Series 2.

Price and Release Date

The Apple Series 2 models will start at $369 for the Nike+ version, though it won’t be available until late October.

The more pricey Hermes starts at $1,149, and the Edition starts at $1,249; both available from September 16th.

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Full-on touchscreen smartwatches need to-up the-ante if they’re going to endure the assault coming form their smart analog rivals.. The Apple Watch Series 2 will surely lead the insurgence.





Source / Apple