Just in case you were thinking that wearable technology is all about biometric sensing smart clothes, fitness trackers and smartwatches, here’s a little reminder that it’s not.

In the not so distant future we will be up to our ankles in wearables of all shapes, sizes and functions! If you think that counting steps, and receiving alerts on your wrist is a little boring, or sub par in terms of the potential that wearables can offer, don’t worry you’re not alone!

The fact is, what we wear has always been about comfort and looks. Functionality has never really entered the frame, maybe apart from wrist watches. This fact isn’t going to change any time soon, thus looks will remain the number one reason we buy apparel!

Wearables that change color and patterns is the ultimate destination for the industry, but of course if you throw in the ability to count steps, track heart rate data, and whatever other gagety affair into mix, it won’t be a bad thing, in fact – quite the opposite!

VanDerWaals color changing handbags are the perfect manifestation of the future of wearable technology, and considering they’re already available to pre-order, the future is near!

VanDerWaals is a premier design company inspired by human desire for self-expression. Their color changing handbags are made from premium leather and materials fused with patented technologies. With just a swipe of the finger, the high-tech handbag changes color to match your outfit, mood or environment.


Along with changing colors, the handbags also have some extra features mixed in. They can perform a synchronized light show to your music playlist, and they can be programmed to flash pre-selected colors when you receive an incoming on your smartphone.

In addition to their luminous chameleon capabilities, these 21st century handbags feature a built-in battery that charges your smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices. The battery is High-output for ultra-fast charging, it comes with the option of an Apple-certified lightning cable or micro USB cable, and has enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 6 up to three times.

All the functions of the VanDerWaals high-tech handbags are controlled with a companion app which is compatible with iOS and Android.

Find out more or pre-order by visiting van-der-waals.com