Earphones could be considered as the original wearables, so they are nothing new, but these days have become orthodox apparel for a large percentage of smartphone owners. Innovators are always looking into ways to modernize the way we wear earphones, a good example being the Helix Cuff.

San Francisco-based Tinsel are on a mission to bring elegance to personal mobile audio by fusing earbuds with contemporary jewelry. They are currently running an indiegogo campaign for their Dipper Audio Necklace. With 5 days left run, the campaign has raised $48,245 out of a (flexible) goal of $50,000.

The Dipper Audio Necklace contravenes the bulky over-ear trend which is currently in its element in the form of “Beats by Dre” headphones. Instead of standing out and making a statement like “Beats” the Audio necklace is designed to subtly complement your look by concealing the electronics – cables, jack, earbuds that you are wearing.


The founder of Tinsel, Aniyia Williams, says the project was born out of the problem solving scenario of digging in her bag for her headphones only to retrieve tangled cables, then having a good chance of leaving them behind somewhere never to be seen again. Wearing them on her body was the solution, only in disguise so they wouldn’t actually look like headphones.

The Dipper Audio Necklace has a chic, distinctive design and brings fashion and function into union. It is lightweight and user-friendly with a simple plug-and-play action. The main feature is an aluminum alloy, in vogue chevron-shaped pendant which houses a pair of high-quality earbuds customized for women’s ears. The hollow chains conceal the insulated cables and subtly disguise a 3-button remote and microphone.


The necklace is made almost entirely of stainless steel and aluminium and is plated with either 24 karat gold or Gunmetal & silver. The earbuds and remote are made from plastic with a metal layer finish.

It is easy to switch the necklace from a fashion accessory into an audio essential, just by separating the chevrons to retrieve the earbuds and disconnecting the 3.5mm jack from the necklace and plugging it into your music player – smartphone, etc. You can use the 3-button remote to control your music playlist, and talk on the phone using the Dipper microphone.


Tinsel claims the audio quality of the earbuds can match some of the best brands as they use high-quality drivers and fine tuning for balanced sound. Unlike most emerging wearable tech devices, the Dipper Audio Necklace doesn’t require Bluetooth pairing. Also in contrast to most wearables is that it never needs charging – the only thing that needs to be plugged in is the audio jack which can be used with any device that has a standard 3.5mm audio connection.


The Indiegogo early bird price for one Dipper is $149. The estimated shipping date is April 2016 with a retail price of $199.