The Kairos hybrid watch collection is on course to start shipping in 2017.

Spring 2017 to be more specific. We contacted the company about pre-ordering the watch and they said they aren’t accepting anymore until the orders of existing customers have been fulfilled.

If you’ve already ordered a Kairos hybrid watch and are enduring the wait, you know what it has to offer. If not, here’s what you can expect from the ambitious wearable.

The Kairos hybrid comes in two models: the SSW158 and MSW115, each with either a Dot Matrix or Icon TOLED display. The two models look very similar and both come in gold, silver, and black color combos with metal, leather or rubber straps, but the SSW158 is particularly striking in design with its mechanical dial arrangement, hence being the pricier of the two. The two models also use different movement: The SSW158 uses Swiss, the MSW115 uses Japanese.

Below is the SSW118 – Dot Matrix on the left, Icon TOLED on the right.

kairos hybrid watch SSW158

The watch cases have a diameter of 46mm, so nothing out of the ordinary, width wise. But, with a height of 17.1mm these hybrids stand pretty tall on the wrist.

Kairos have taken a different approach than other hybrid smartwatch makers, as the display overlays digital information over the analog dial. The differences between the two displays types are; the Dot Matrix offers a more detailed variety of digital information, but with a 40-percent transparency – making the analog dials underneath less visible. The Icon TOLED display offers less digital detail, but is 60-percent transparent.

Below is the MSW115 – Dot Matrix on the left, Icon TOLED on the right.

kairos hybrid watch MSW115 black silver

Smart Features

The Kairos hybrid watch uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets. It’s equipped with motion sensors to track your steps, distance, calories burned, and activity duration.

The watch has a vibration feature to keep you informed of incoming calls, texts, emails, and notifications from apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

You can use the watch to remotely control functions on connected devices, such as your smartphone’s camera and music player. Other features include using the watch to send preset texts – useful when you’re driving. And automatic world time updates – useful if you’re traveling.

Both Kairos hybrid models have a Sapphire crystal display and a water-resistance rating of 3 ATM (30 meters).

Prices range from $1,199 to $2,549. We’re looking forward trying out this hybrid, so hopefully Kairos live up to their shipping promise of Spring 2017 to those who have already pre-ordered. Then, hopefully soon after, they’ll be accepting orders again.





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